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PROSCEND is Taiwan high-quality Ethernet Extender manufacturer and Ethernet Extender supplier Proscend Communications Inc. was founded in 1999 and is located at the Hsinchu Science Park, a well-known high-tech park in Taiwan. Our mission is to design, develop, manufacture, and market innovative broadband products of networking. since 1999.

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Ethernet Extender

Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Extenders. / Designed for mission-critical communications, Internet of Things (IoT), and Industrial IoT solutions.

Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Extenders.
Gigabit and Fast Ethernet Extenders.

Ethernet Extender

Proscend Ethernet Extenders surmount the limitation of distance and cables. Proscend forms up the ever richest product portfolio for Long Reach Ethernet Extension over a wide cable variety, by utilizing various technologies. As of the rapid rise of security, transportation and industrial communications, an amazingly growing number of IP devices are to be rolled out in where only legacy telephony twisted pairs or coaxial cable infrastructures are available, where there exist modern Ethernet Cat 6 cables but the distance is a few hundred meters.

Proscend Long Reach Ethernet Extenders 701EPI and 101EPI are designed as a pair, for carrying not only Ethernet data, but also power over long-distance Ethernet Cat 6/Cat 5 cables up to 800 meters, the Ethernet-over-Coax Extenders 701CPI and 101CPI deliver data and power over coaxial cables up to 1000 meters. Operation of these two new series are plug-n-play, yet the built-in LFPT(Link Fault Pass Through) intelligence on each Ethernet Extender enables the network administrator to remotely monitor and trouble-shoot the cable status, as well as remotely turning on/off the distant IP camera, thus the maintenance time and cost can be dramatically eliminated.

Proscend’s VDSL2 Extenders 110MI, 102MI and 102M Series are designed to carry Ethernet data over telephony twisted pairs, thanks to the outstanding noise immunity, the maximum cable distance can be over 3 kilometers (subject to cable quality and environment), while the maximum aggregated speed is up to 300Mbps at shorter distance.

Ethernet Extender

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Industrial Ethernet Extender - Industrial Long Reach Ethernet Extender
Industrial Ethernet Extender
701EPI / 101EPI

The Long Reach Ethernet Extenders 701EPI and 101EPI provide a pair of plug-n-play solution...

Industrial Ethernet Extender over Coax - Industrial Ethernet-over-Coax Extender
Industrial Ethernet Extender over Coax
701CPI / 101CPI

The Ethernet-over-Coax Extenders 701CPI and 101CPI deliver data communications and power over...

8-Port PoE Switch / Ethernet Extender - Industrial 8-port PoE Long Reach Switch / Extender
8-Port PoE Switch / Ethernet Extender
708EPI-DC / 708EP-AC

Proscend 8-Port PoE Swtich / Extender 708E Series consists of two models, the 708EP-AC features...

Industrial VDSL2 Extender - 4 LAN - Industrial VDSL2 Ethernet Extender 4-Port Gigabit
Industrial VDSL2 Extender - 4 LAN
110MI-AC / 110MI-DC

The Industrial VDSL2 Ethernet Extender 110MI supports four Gigabit Ethernet RJ45 ports and has a unique...

Industrial VDSL2 Extender - Industrial Compact Gigabit Ethernet-over-VDSL2 Extender
Industrial VDSL2 Extender
102MI-AC / 102MI-DC

Proscend Industrial VDSL2 Extender 102MI is a compact GbE Ethernet-over-VDSL2 Extender and provides...

VDSL2 Extender - Compact Gigabit Ethernet-over-VDSL2 Extender
VDSL2 Extender

The VDSL2 Extender 102M is a compact design and carries high-speed Ethernet data over twisted...

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Industrial 5G Cellular Router

Get Industrial 5G Cellular Router Datasheet.

PROSCEND Ethernet Extender Service Introduction

Based in Taiwan since 1999, Proscend Communications Inc. is a world-class and industrial grade Ethernet Extender supplier and manufacturer with more than 25 years of experence in the Network Communication Industry. Major products and services, including Industrial-grade products,Internet of Things solutions, and Intelligent Network Management System. All network communication device and systems can manage data from devices connected to IoT networks in any harsh environment.

PROSCEND not only enables customers with mission-critical Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products, services, and solutions, but also provides a network and device management platform to ensure reliable Internet and secure data in demanding environments for deployments of any size, anywhere.

PROSCEND has been offering customers high-quality Ethernet Extender production service, both with advanced technology and 25 years experience, PROSCEND ensures each customer's demands are met.

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