Outdoor 4G LTE Wireless Router M360 P


Are you experienced where broadband fixed lines not easy to deploy and require outdoor cellular broadband as instead? PROSCEND provides the Outdoor 4G LTE Cellular Router, the M360-P, which an embedded LTE mobile broadband, high-gain antenna and secure IP networking features enabling support of your existing wired or wireless devices to deliver stronger signal transmission and reception.

Due to a weak or nonexistent wireless signal for enterprises, homes, rural or underserved locations, PROSCEND M360-P comes with ultrafast Gigabit LAN port and simply install in the outside of a building wall mounting or on a pole and connect a PoE injector to integrate your legacy device, like access point, gateway that has an Ethernet interface, to extend the range and reach widely. Combining with fixed line broadband devices, the M360-P also can be a backup when the fixed line connection fails or is congested.

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  [PROSCEND M360-P Outdoor 4G LTE Router Application Diagram]

For those remote areas, hazardous environments or outdoor events in an open temporary locations, such as manufacturing plants, power stations, stadium facilities, and school campuses, PROSCEND M360-P outdoor 4G LTE router supports multiband of the LTE network deployment worldwide and flexibly configures network applications through both bridge and routing mode for optimal connectivity performance. Featuring VPN Tunnels and TR069, the M360-P allows system integrators or network administrators to securely reliable configuration, monitor and management from control centers, offices, and homes.

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Rating IP65 waterproof and dustproof protection, the M360-P enables reliable connectivity designed for harsh and robust environments, enhancing operations and IT real-time awareness with remote monitoring. PROSCEND M360-P outdoor 4G LTE Cellular Router makes you obtain a competitive edge and drives new benefits through accelerating your connect transformation. Please email to Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 if you would like to have more product information.