Giga Ethernet Copper Extender 102M 102MI  


PROSCEND launches 102M and 102MI family, the latest high-performance Gigabit Ethernet Copper Extenders via reliable VDSL2 technology, support ultra-speed aggregated bandwidth up to 300Mbps. The 102MI Lite Industrial Gigabit Ethernet Copper Extender with metal enclosure and wide operating temperature is designed for harden environment. Featuring ITU-T G.993.5 G.vectoring and G.INP, the 102M and 102MI provide enhanced protection against impulse noise or to increase the efficiency of providing impulse noise protection (INP). PROSCNED 102M and 102MI Gigabit Ethernet Copper Extenders enable the extension of Ethernet network over twisted pair or coaxial infrastructure to remote locations far beyond standard Ethernet distance and provide a good alternative in place where fiber is not economical to deploy. 

Built-in Gigabit Ethernet port and VDSL2 Interface 

The 102M and 102MI Gigabit Ethernet Copper Extenders are equipped with a Gigabit Ethernet Port (RJ-45 connector) and one VDSL2 port (RJ-45 connector), which support transparent LAN bridging to extend Ethernet service over UTP, Cat 5+ or Coaxial cables. With a symmetric data rate of up to 150/150Mbps, they provide high speed in both directions for effective communications. Configuring asymmetric mode to reduce the amount of bandwidth available upstream, they offer service providers to distribute relatively more bandwidth downstream up to 200Mbps.

Giga Ethernet Extender Front Panel Index 102M 102MI
PROSCEND 102M and 102MI Gigabit Ethernet Copper Extenders - Front Panel Indications
Fast Deployment and Flexible Application
The 102M and 102MI Gigabit Ethernet Copper Extenders come with simple plug-and-play design for easy installation and 8 different profile settings can be flexibly adjusted CO or CPE mode via dip switches to suit various applications and environments. They are compatible with PROSCEND 708M and third-party VDSL2 IP DSLAM when operates in CPE (RT) mode. They also work well with PROSCEND 180-C and 180-R SFP Transceiver Modules to expand diverse portfolios. Symmetric profile can be applied as a standard Ethernet connection while Asymmetric profile can be used for other services like Video streaming or IP surveillance services which require high traffic flow in an uni-direction configuration. With Windows-based DSLmonitor software tool, PROSCEND 102M and 102MI Gigabit Ethernet Copper Extenders are easy to manage.

Giga Ethernet Extender Application

Reliable Capabilities and Efficient Ethernet Extension 

PROSCEND provides a complete range of Ethernet Extenders to benefit from utilizing existing copper cabling infrastructure and meet your variety of applications. Please contact Email住址會使用灌水程式保護機制。你需要啟動Javascript才能觀看它 for more information.