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PROSCEND debuts the new M360-P Outdoor 4G LTE Cellular Router, an optimal combination of LTE modem and high-gain antenna for better performance and signal as well as robust IP65 outdoor hardware designed for harsh environments. PROSCEND M360-P is suitable and flexible for any venue like suburban areas, public premises, offices, and homes. 


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State-of-the-art 4G LTE Wireless Technology 

PROSCEND M360-P Outdoor 4G LTE Cellular Router integrates LTE technology with 3GPP release 9, category 4, and the wireless technology providing a fast 4G LTE connectivity. The M360-P also supports 3G/2G networks and it allows flexible wireless connection anywhere within the LTE/3G/2G signal coverage.

Embedded bridge/router mode connects with various sorts of devices/gateways 

PROSCEND M360-P is designed to wireless broadband and embedded dual bridge and router concurrently to integrate easily with different types of devices or gateways for lower investment and faster deployment. You can configure four modes to work with diverse applications, including concurrent bridge/router mode, concurrent router/router mode, only bridge mode, and only router mode.

Built-in directional high-gain antenna and Gigabit LAN port with passive PoE 

Equipped with directional high-gain antenna design, the M360-P supports up to 10 dBi in multiple bands and enhances LTE signal strength. Built-in a Gigabit LAN port with Passive Power over Ethernet (PoE) feature, the M360-P provides both data connection and passive power input.

Support TR-069 Management and Secure VPN Tunnels

With the user-friendly interface, the M360-P provides TR-069 to allow system integrators or network administrators to configure, monitor and manage devices remotely from control centers, offices, and homes. Featuring VPN Tunnels with IPSec, GRE, PPTP Server, and L2TP, the M360-P enhances data transmission and defends data networks securely by encryption and authentication.

Robust IP65 protection designed for outdoor harsh environments

Operating temperature from -20 to +60°C, the M360-P is rated as IP65 to protect from dust ingress and inclement weather in outdoor environments. By taking advantage of concurrent bridge/router design, PoE support, and VPN security, PROSCEND M360-P Outdoor 4G LTE Cellular Router is a highly reliable and secure wireless communications providing you optimal transmitting performance.


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