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PROSCEND is Taiwan high-quality SHDSL EFM Modem manufacturer and SHDSL EFM Modem supplier Proscend Communications Inc. was founded in 1999 and is located at the Hsinchu Science Park, a well-known high-tech park in Taiwan. Our mission is to design, develop, manufacture, and market innovative broadband products of networking. since 1999.

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SHDSL.bis EFM Modem / Designed for mission-critical communications, Internet of Things (IoT), and Industrial IoT solutions.

SHDSL EFM Modem - High-speed SHDSL.bis EFM Modem
  • SHDSL EFM Modem - High-speed SHDSL.bis EFM Modem
  • SHDSL EFM Modem 5600N Series Front
  • SHDSL EFM Modem 5600N Series Back
5600N Series

SHDSL.bis EFM Modem

The SHDSL EFM Modem 5600N Series is designed to provide bonded high-speed Ethernet First Mile services over SHDSL on 5600N series 2BASE-TL EFM Network Extender existing copper infrastructure. It is a bridge mode modem that delivers Ethernet services with symmetrical bandwidth at rates up to 15.3Mbps/Pair (TC-PAM 128). Implemented based on IEEE 802.3ah EFM standards for advanced performance and management features, the 5600N Series ensures high reliability, low expense and maximum throughput.

Proscend's SHDSL EFM Modem 5600N Series provides EFM copper bonding technology and allow delivery of higher bandwidth to longer distances over multiple copper pairs, enabling a good alternative in place where fiber is not economical to deploy. This "Ethernet-pure" solution provides a seamless integration. Ethernet also makes it possible to save unnecessary truck roll costs and training costs. It leads to minimized risk bearing and quick return on investment for both service providers and enterprises.

The SHDSL EFM Modem 5600N Series is designed to deliver business class Ethernet Service under EFM mode. The 5600N Series extends the reach of Ethernet services to the sites by using bonded copper pairs. Up to 4 pairs can be bonded together for aggregated bandwidth over 61Mbps (TC-PAM 128). Designed with standard-based EFM technology (2BASE-TL), deployment of Ethernet services with 5600N is quick and simple on the existing copper plant.

  • Extending Ethernet Services to sites with existing copper infrastructure.
  • EFM Bonding up to 61 Mbps (4 pairs, TC-PAM 128).
  • Support EFM mode.
  • Flexible and Rapid Service Deployment.
  • Flexible configuration as CPE or CO.
  • Support EFM OAM complying IEEE 802.3ah.
  • Low Delay, Jitter and Packet Loss for delay sensitive applications.
  • Comprehensive and easy OAM & P functions in provisioning and management.
  • QoS feature for guaranteed Ethernet service.
  • Future-proof Ethernet traffic management and QoS features.

The EFM Modem 5600N Series operates mainly in Point-to-Point connection between remote offices and enterprise headquarter, providing symmetrical high-speed connectivity that is ideal for large and small-to-medium enterprises to deliver business-class Ethernet service. The unit can be managed by different ports and applications including comprehensive command-line interface (CLI), Telnet, user-friendly GUI-based Web Browser Interface and SNMP.

Proscend's 5600N Series provide future-proof features meeting Ethernet Quality of Service (QoS) and Class of Service (CoS) requirements by utilizing 802.1q VLAN capabilities, four levels of priorities, traffic flow control and rate control. This traffic management and QoS features enable service providers to offer highly profitable value-added services to a vast majority of business and institutional sites.

Standard and Certificate

Certified for CE, FCC, EN60950-1, and RoHS compliant, the SHDSL EFM Modem 5600N Series not only ensures operation reliability, but also complies with environmental protection.

SHDSL EFM Modem 5600N Series Certificates
SHDSL EFM Modem 5600N Series Certificates
Model NameSpecifications
Maximum DSL PairsMaximum Data RatePower Input
5610N1 pair5.69 Mbps (TC-PAM 16/32)
15.296 Mbps (TC-PAM 64/128)
5620N2 pair11.392 Mbps (TC-PAM 16/32)
30.592 Mbps (TC-PAM 64/128)
5640N4 pair22.784 Mbps (TC-PAM 16/32)
61.184 Mbps (TC-PAM 64/128)
Ordering Information
Model NameDescription
5610N2-Wire G.SHDSL.bis EFM Modem
5620N4-Wire G.SHDSL.bis EFM Modem
5640N8-Wire G.SHDSL.bis EFM Modem
SHDSL EFM Modem Datasheet 5600N Series
SHDSL EFM Modem Datasheet 5600N Series

The Datasheet of SHDSL EFM Modem 5600N Series

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PROSCEND SHDSL EFM Modem Service Introduction

Based in Taiwan since 1999, Proscend Communications Inc. is a world-class and industrial grade SHDSL EFM Modem supplier and manufacturer with more than 25 years of experence in the Network Communication Industry. Major products and services, including Industrial-grade products,Internet of Things solutions, and Intelligent Network Management System. All network communication device and systems can manage data from devices connected to IoT networks in any harsh environment.

PROSCEND not only enables customers with mission-critical Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity products, services, and solutions, but also provides a network and device management platform to ensure reliable Internet and secure data in demanding environments for deployments of any size, anywhere.

PROSCEND has been offering customers high-quality SHDSL EFM Modem production service, both with advanced technology and 25 years experience, PROSCEND ensures each customer's demands are met.

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