6200 series 01 front

6200 Series G.Shdsl.bis EFM/ATM VPN Router

Providing secure and symmetrical high-speed connectivity over existing copper-line infrastructure for SOHO and SME users.




Proscend 6200 G.SHDSL.bis EFM/ATM VPN Router provides secure and symmetrical high-speed connectivity over existing copper-line infrastructure that is ideal for SOHO and SME users. It features the latest G.Shdsl.bis technology supporting symmetrical upstream and downstream data rates up to 15.3Mbps/Pair (TC-PAM I28). Four pairs can be bonded together for aggregated bandwidth over 61 Mbps. Proscend 6200 Series VPN Router operates the SHDSL link in either EFM mode or ATM mode. It is designed to deliver business class Ethernet Service under EFM mode while providing the flexibility to be compatible with the existing DSLAM infrastructure under ATM mode.

Proscend 6200 series supports flexible VPN applications including VPN pass-through, client-to-VPN gateway and VPN LAN-to-LAN connection. It features IPSec VPN up to 12 encrypted tunnels for secure data communications between remote sites, home offices, and mobile users across public IP networks like the Internet. It also supports up-to-date 3DES and AES for data encryptions as well as MD5/SHA-1 and manual/IKE key for authentication.

The Quality of Service (QoS) features allow users to allocate network resources effectively. By classifying the priority of services, the powerful bandwidth management functions increase efficiency on latency-sensitive applications such as VolP, video streaming, video conferencing and interactive game. 

Proscend 6200 series enables service providers to offer symmetrical high-speed Ethernet service or point-to-point connectivity to their enterprise customers. It is the ideal copper-based Ethernet solution for quick deployment of standardized, reliable and secure services with carrier-class OAM and comprehensive management options.