With the promising growth of smart applications, OT and IT convergence has become the trend at the moment. More and more industrial users are now focusing on not only the pursuit of production yield, efficiency and availability, but also introducing the system completeness, security, and management in the current IT environments. Therefore, it is urgent to deploy an integrated management system to effectively monitor a large number of devices throughout the remote sites. To meet the ardent needs of customers, PROSCEND, which is committed to developing niche-type industrial-grade cellular routers and providing value-added ISMS (Integrated Service Management System), a cloud-based network management system to fulfill real-time remote control solutions.

Although many enterprises have adopted Network Management System (NMS) and utilizes SNMP/TR069 Agent to collect device information, PROSCEND President Jim Chen said, the NMS based on standard protocols such as SNMP and TR069 must rely on the deeply knowledgeable engineers to judge normal or abnormal status from huge amount of raw data. There leaves much improvement room in terms of management efficiency, flexibility, and immediacy.

Many customers have asked whether PROSCEND can provide more efficient management system while promoting industrial cellular routers. Thus, these requirements trigger PROSCEND to develop the project of ISMS and showcase its result nowadays. ISMS can help customers manage PROSCEND's cellular routers up to 1,024 nodes and can capture a large amount of data via the HTTP mechanism. The efficiency of collecting information is much better than that of the past network management system, and raw data will be sorted and visualized through the GUI. Users who do not have any network management background, not only can easily control the status of the devices, but receive alerts through E-Mail, SMS, or LINE right away when the device is abnormal and quickly solve problems from remote site.

Chen pointed out that customers can choose to build ISMS with On-premise, or cloud-based type. In addition, if the customer needs to be customized according to the special environmental requirements of countries, PROSCEND can arrange its R&D team to fit the customer's needs in a timely manner. It is worth mentioning that PROSCEND has recently launched the "ISMS One" standard version for remote management solutions, which meet mostly Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) requirements. ISMS One is designed to manage 32 devices and can be installed in a general PC. It also reduces the cost of system operating. In the future, it can also be upgraded according to the amount and scale of management system.

Industrial Cellular Router with Cloud based service management system 20190823

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