Pinapabilis ng Proscend ang Mas Ligtas, Mas Mabilis, at Mas Matalino na Mga Solusyon sa IIoT upang Ilunsad ang Cutting-edge Industrial Cellular Router, High-power PoE Injector, at Intelligent ISMS. | PROSCEND Balita at Kaganapan | Proscend Communications Inc.

Ang Proscend, na itinatag noong 1999, ay nagbibigay-daan sa makabagong koneksyon para sa industriyal-grade at carrier-grade na merkado ng komunikasyon na may mga propesyonal na teknikal na serbisyo sa loob ng 20 taon. Sa dumaraming mga aplikasyon ng Industrial IoT, kumikilos si Proscend bilang isang dalubhasa sa komunikasyon na kritikal sa misyon sa mga solusyon sa Industrial IoT.

Ang iyong Industrial IoT Partner

Pinapabilis ng Proscend ang Mas Ligtas, Mas Mabilis, at Mas Matalinong Mga Solusyon sa IIoT upang Ilunsad ang Cutting-edge Industrial Cellular Router, High-power PoE Injector, at Intelligent ISMS.

Idinisenyo para sa mga application ng M2M, Internet of Things (IoT), Industrial IoT, at Smart Cities.

Pinapabilis ng Proscend ang Mas Ligtas, Mas Mabilis, at Mas Matalinong Mga Solusyon sa IIoT upang Ilunsad ang Cutting-edge Industrial Cellular Router, High-power PoE Injector, at Intelligent ISMS.

20 Aug, 2020 PROSCEND

Proscend, founded in 1999, enables cutting-edge connectivity for industrial-grade and carrier-grade communications market with professional technical services over 20 years. With the growing applications of Industrial IoT, Proscend acts as a mission-critical communications expert in Industrial IoT solutions.

In 2020, Proscend is ready to launch the most anticipated cutting-edge Industrial Cellular Router, M350 Series, which updates LTE standard from Cat4 to Cat6, and the downlink peak data rates up to 300 Mbps. Besides, the hardware design provides Dual SIM and Dual Module, which not only supports failover, but also provides multi-path load balancing. Moreover, the LTE Cat6 Industrial Cellular Router M350 Series is equipped with various network interfaces, including Gigabit Ethernet, SFP, Wi-Fi, and RS-232/RS-485. With the SFP slot, the M350 Series can be connected Proscend's VDSL SFP Modem that is unique Small-Form Factor Pluggable module in the market. The Industrial Cellular Router M350 Series also offers xDSL and copper wiring connections in addition to supporting mobile, optical fiber or ultra-high-speed Gigabit transmission.

Chen pointed out that the M350 Series fully supports industrial-grade standard specifications, including the ability to withstand operating temperatures of -20 to 75°C, feature universal industrial communication protocols such as MQTT, Modbus, and the operation of SCADA control systems. The M350 Series provides triple power inputs design, two of which are terminal blocks that comply with industrial-grade standards, and the other one is for DC Jack. This is an uninterruptible power protection mechanism to greatly improve the safety, availability, and stability of power supply.

Speaking of applications in the IIoT, Proscend has collaborated with well-known international telecommunications companies, branding information and technology enterprises to integrate the solutions in the fields. These fields will include seven applications, the outdoor natural disaster monitoring and management system, the Internet of vehicles application management system, the intelligent charging station management system, the oil tank management system, the power equipment management system, the ATM management system of rural financial institutions, and the outdoor security surveillance system. The LTE Cat6 Industrial Cellular Router M350 Series provides multifunctional portfolios to meet flexible deployment, supporting 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard (M350-W), Power Sourcing Equipment (M350-WS), and Powered Device (M350-WD). Chen said, to keep abreast of the times, we welcome our partners to cooperate with us on next-generation technologies, such as Cat12 (Downlink speed rate up to 600 Mbps), Wi-Fi 6, and 5G with well defined requirements, to fit in with the marketing demand ahead.

In response to key comprehensive requirements such as high power supply and network management in IIoT application scenarios, we also offer corresponding complete combinations, including industrial-grade 802.3bt PoE Injector, various higher efficiency antennas, and the advanced ISMS which is central network management software, to meet customer needs and enhance satisfaction in a variety of Industrial IoT solutions. The Industrial-grade 802.3bt PoE Injector Series provide two models to support the higher-end monitoring and remote electronic equipment. One is 201MP, equipped with a PoE port, providing up to 90 watts of power output; the other is 202MP, equipped with two PoE ports, power output up to 120 watts, can be set to "60 + 60" or "90 + 30" two configurations.

The worthy mention is that industrial-grade 802.3bt PoE Injector comes with Lite web-based management software. This unique function is convenient for users to manage a single device. If the users need to manage many devices, they can chose our intelligent cloud-based Integrated Service Management System (ISMS) which can be managed the devices up to 1,024 sets, and be used concurrently in different Proscend's products, like Industrial LTE Cellular Routers, and Industrial-grade 802.3bt PoE Injectors.
Proscend's ISMS can meet the customized management needs of large factories, or smart cities. For example, the petrochemical industry can use RS-485 to connect related sensors detecting oil and gas leakage. Similarly, the government can also use digital input and digital output module to connect various sensors for detecting bridge vibrations and large-area slope displacements to ensure safety management and prevent various emergency disasters before happening.

Pang-industriya na 5G Cellular Router

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Industrial Ethernet Networking Products at Industrial IoT Solutions | PROSCEND

Ang PROSCEND ay isang customer-centric at technology-oriented communications enterprise na aktibong gumaganap ng papel nito sa pagkonekta sa mundo. Tungkol sa karanasan sa industriyal-grade/commercial-grade wired at wireless network, ang PROSCEND ay nakatuon sa pagbuo, hindi lamang sa mga makabagong produkto ng xDSL, kundi pati na rin sa makabagong Long Term Evolution (LTE) na mga application, at Intelligent Network Management System.

Nag-aalok ang PROSCEND sa mga customer ng mataas na kalidad na Industrial Ethernet at Internet of Things (IoT) na mga produkto at solusyon mula noong 1999, parehong may advanced na teknolohiya at 25 taong karanasan, tinitiyak ng PROSCEND na natutugunan ang mga kahilingan ng bawat customer.