Proscend Communications, Inc., a broadband access company, develops and markets enterprise networking solution that enables high-speed data access over the existing telephone wire infrastructure. The company, based on its communications expertise in algorithms, xDSL coding technologies, higher layer routing protocols, analog implementation and broadband system development, has become one of the important suppliers of technologies and products in broadband access industry.

Our Management team

Mr. Jim Chen

President - National Chiao Tung University, TE M.S. & EMBA

He has focused on the communications field since 1985. Before founding Proscend, he was the founder of an international communications company in the Hsinchu Science Park. He has seven years experience in R&D and more than 25 years international communications business operation experience in industry. His working experience including cooperation with companies, such as Fujitsu, Lucent, CHT, and Airtel, ......, etc., specially for international OEM/ODM projects and branding business in Indian market.

Mr. Eric Chen

Vice-President - National Taipei Institute of Technology, EE and Royal Roads University, Canada, EMBA 
He has strong background in management of product development over 20 years with detail work in SONET/SDH, DLC, PABX, billing, M13, baseband modem, DAML, IDSL, HDSL, ADSL, ..., etc.

Mr. Winston Chen

R&D director - National Tsing-Hwa University, EE M.S.
Strong background in embedded software system development. He has over 15 years experience in software development and familiar with Compilers, OSs and CPUs(x86, Arm, PowerPC, x51...). The field includes telecomm, datacomm and TV with detail work in Q931, LAPD, LapD, T1/E1, DECT, HDTV, ATSC, SHDSL, communications protocol, ATM protocols.,etc